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Cupid, and thus “desire” in the Latin, is actually the fresh jesus from attract, love, and you will erotic like, in the Roman myths

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He had been usually depicted because child away from Venus however, his dad is actually never ever certainly recognized. He’s considered to be the latest Roman counterpart of Greek jesus Eros.


Cupid was very popular into the Dark ages. Christian dictate changed their characteristics to one another heavenly and earthly love. Into the Renaissance, a different interest in traditional values offered him complex allegorical meanings. Now, Cupid try an identifiable profile exactly who drives personal love. You’re sure to determine an expression of Cupid during the months prior to Valentine’s day. Over time, Cupid provides served since the a desire toward strongest of the many human feeling.


Within the Greek mythology, Eros are originally portrayed because a slim man having wings. However, when you look at the Hellenistic several months, the guy started to be depicted due to the fact a great chubby baby. It actually was today he received the fresh new bend and you can arrow you to remain including an effective symbol now. It was said that anyone who try decide to try because of the among Cupid’s arrows, either mortal or a great goddess, could well be filled with uncontrollable notice. The fresh Roman kind of the god of appeal employed those services, which provides us the new Cupid that we the know today.

Tales and you can Reports

Each of Cupid’s mythology rotate to love in a few setting. While most gods truly show whatever they reign more than, discover few that do so as better because Cupid.

Cupid’s Arrows

Cupid’s arrows is a properly-acknowledged symbol of your own god but did you know he’s got one or two different types? Considering legend, Cupid’s Fantastic Arrow stood to possess true-love whenever you are his Leaden Arrow stood to possess sensual appeal. Which demonstrates to you as to why Cupid is associated with the various sorts of love, including personal and erotic.

Cupid’s Size

One of the most fun myths on the Cupid informs the storyline off his youth. His mommy, Venus, try distressed one to their child would not develop. She reported so you can Themis, good Titan, and you can shared with her from the her concerns regarding their Cupid. Themis mentioned that the guy wouldn’t grow because the he was a just child. If only he previously a sister, he might build. Very Venus provided Cupid a sibling named Anteros. Given that day proceeded, Cupid began to develop quickly. He grew high and you may healthier, to the guy he was supposed to be.

Cupid and Mind

Cupid himself did fall in like. You will find a master that have three breathtaking daughters. But you to definitely is the most beautiful. She was the fresh youngest along with her label was Psyche. In reality, she is actually very gorgeous that many started to thought their own this new epitome from love and you will beauty in the place of Venus.

Venus became jealous and you may questioned Cupid to do so. She informed your in order to capture Mind which have an arrow and make their love a monster. Cupid consented but when the guy attempt to over his mom’s desires, the guy understood just how beautiful Mind try. He turned flustered and you can fell the new arrow he was browsing shoot from the their own. The newest arrow fell into the ground although not before it pricked Cupid’s restaurants. The guy quickly fell deeply in love with Mind.

A little bit of time went by and you can Psyche’s mothers started initially to be worried one to not one person got requested their daughter’s hand in-marriage yet, even after how stunning she was. It went along to a keen oracle, which informed them one to its child are bound to marry an excellent beast. They were when deciding to take their unique to reach the top from a hill and you will let future just take their direction. They did since oracle said and kept their daughter by yourself ahead off a hill, assuming they will never select their unique once more.

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